Spring Releases

At the risk of jinxing it, I think it’s safe to say that spring has almost (almost!) sprung in Toronto. We’re seeing the signs of the seasons: robins and birdsong, daffodils ascending… but the most exciting indication that we’re well on our way to t-shirt weather is that publishing houses have started to put out their lists of Spring Reads!

There are plenty of great new releases coming out in the next few months, and you can be sure we are avidly haunting our local bookstores in the hopes of being among the first to get our hands on the latest and greatest. Here are some of the new releases that we’re watching for:



Sally Rooney’s CONVERSATIONS WITH FRIENDS was an instant classic, and if the advance praise is anything to go by, NORMAL PEOPLE is going to be even better.  Set against the backdrop of Trinity College Dublin, NORMAL PEOPLE is about being young, and being in love – what better way to welcome the warm weather?



Ian McEwan is at the top of his game – not that he’s ever truly off his game. With his gorgeous, subtle prose and complete refusal to pigeonhole himself into a single genre, McEwan puts his unique spin on a classic sci-fi scenario in MACHINES LIKE ME: Can artificial intelligence understand the complexities of the human heart?

We look forward to reading more, and learning more, when Ian McEwan comes to Toronto on May 13. Hope to see you there!



This dystopian novel depicts a future where poor women make money by becoming surrogates for rich women. While it may sound a bit “Handmaidy” on the face of it, the women in Ramos’s novel – like Jane, an immigrant in search of a better life – choose their fate as Hosts… but the cost of their decision might not be what they expect.   

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